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Terence is a fictional character in the Tinker Bell series.

Tinker Bell (series)


In the series, Terence is the guardian of the fairy dust fountain. When a fairy comes, he's the one who gives them a scoop of dust. The numbers of scoops he gives to the fairies depend on what the fairy will to do or where it will go. He was the one who made Tinker Bell realize that being herself is not bad, that we all have importance. That inspired Tink to re-invent the things they needed for preparing for spring.


Terence is a kind, helpful, caring, brave and adventerous person.
Tinker Bell Lost Treasure Photo 02

Tinker Bell, Blaze and Terence.


Terence has a blonde hair and blue eyes. He wears a hat. His hat if from the top of an acorn. He has a brown sweater-like dress and has a belt. He also has a brown somewhat belt on his waist.


  • The name "Terence" has Latin origin, and means "gracious", "tender".
  • Terence's notable quote: "Forever is a pretty long time, so I hear."
  • He's of French-Celtic descent.
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