This song has been featured in the movie, Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue.


Life is rising up

Surging forth in all directions

Every little buttercup is reaching out to find connections

Every blade of grass will touch the sunlight

The rain will touch the ground

Growing greener than it was before

The bees are drowing by

The spider silk is softly spinning

Not a cloud in the sky

You know it's only the beginning

Every little blossom, every flower

Flings its petals wide

As the season comes 'round... once more

Breeze is blowing light and sweet

The grass, a carpet at your feet

Catch the colors

Feel the heat of the sun

All the sparrows in the dell

Swirling 'round like a carousel

Singing loud enough to tell everyone

Summer's just begun (summer's just begun)

Oh, Oh, Oh

All the winters, all the springs

Lead us here on fairy wings

A season of a thousand things to be done

Summer's just begun (summer's just begun)

Summer's just begun

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