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Spike is a Frost Fairy that appears in the Tinker Bell series. She made her first appearance in the fifth movie, Secret of the Wings.


She has white skin and brown eyes, short black hair.


Spike is lazy, and usually does her work on Gliss' command. She always follows the rules and never bends them like Periwinkle, Gliss and Tinker Bell. At first, she dislikes Tink, because she isn't one of the frost fairies, but she grows to like her later. Spike has a teenage accent and usually lazes around on the leaves, practicing her frost with her legs. Spike is shown to have a dislike for warm fairies, but this fact is changed at the end of the series. Spike is also quite sarcastic.

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Secret of the Wings

Spike is first seen practicing her frost with her legs. Then, when Tinker Bell accidentally slides down, it got her attention.


  • The name "Spike" is of English and American origin and means "spiky hair", "long, heavy nail".
  • Spike's name comes from the noun "Spike" which can mean:
    • A hairstyle
    • A type of thorn
  • Spike is one of the only frost fairies who has another hair color other than white.
  • Spike's voice actress, Debby Ryan, also portrays Jessie from the Disney Channel series, Jessie.
  • She's of Ukrainian descent.
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