Pascal is Rapunzel's pet chameleon. He lives in the tower with Rapunzel and even became friends with her. He accompanies Rapunzel wherever she goes.


He has dark brown round eyes. His body is covered with green scales with some navy blue. He has a long curling tail and has only two fingers. He has sharp pointy thorns on his back and head as well.


Pascal is a tamed chameleon. He follows most orders by Rapunzel beside being a tiny creature. He is also a determined and brave animal as he tried to save Rapunzel from Gothel. He pulled Gothel dress to save Rapunzel. Besides that, he also a scarier to Eugene as he always remind him that he will stalk him in everything he does using his two pointed fingers. Usually, to  wake him up, Pascal would put his tongue in Eugene's ears. Pascal also wants to go down, though Rapunzel refuses at first.


Pascal is shown playing hide and seek with Rapunzel in the tower. Besides
Pascal's hiding from Rapunzel

Pascal hiding from Rapunzel.

that, he is a very good accompany to Rapunzel as he is always by her side in everything she did. Then, when Eugene climb up the tower, he tried to convey that Eugene was a troll. And when Rapunzel tied Eugene up, he disturbed him by his tongue and put it in Eugene's ears. When the first time he met Maximus, he cooperates with Rapunzel to cool him down before he killed Eugene. During the last scenes, he tried to save Rapunzel when Gothel tried to killed Eugene and was shown playing with some of the kids at Rapunzel's kingdom after Gothel has vanished.


  • The name "Pascal" is of Latin origin, means "Easter child".
  • He and Maximus are both voiced by Frank Welker.
  • Pascal's voice actor, Frank Welker, has been providing the voice of Fred Jones from Scooby Doo since 1969. As of 2012, he now also voices the talking canine Scooby.