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Princess Merida is one of the Disney Princesses. She appeared in her first movie, Brave.



In the past, little Merida is seen playing and hiding from her mother. Her father brings her a bow, which she
Little Merida

Merida when she was little.

immediately tries. However, she misses the target and the arrow went into the forest. When she retrieved the arrow, she saw a mythical creature called a wisp. She is told the legend that says a wisp will lead a person to his or her fate.
Merida shooting

Merida prepares to shoot an arrow.

Mérida and wisp

Merida and a wisp.

Little Merida then follows the wisps, but was called by her mother. She told her mother about the wisps and her mother carried her to the tent. But, when her mother was walking while carrying her, Merida saw a bear; Mor'du. While her father attacked Mor'du, she was taken away by her mother on a horse.

Years later, Merida appears as a teenager. She describes that being a princess was tiring because she is a role model, she has expectations and duties while. She is also thought by her mother about speeches, knowledge, art and attitudes of a princess almost everyday, which she dislikes.

However, there is a day where she can be free, no lessons and such. On one day like that, she rides her horse while practicing shooting with her bow and arrow. On that day also, she climbs a high rock near a waterfall and drinks its water.

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Merida has wild, curly carrot colored hair and pale skin tone, large baby blue eyes.

Princess gown

She wears an off-shoulder teal dress with a brown belt, on which has attached a cloth and a badge representing her clan. The elbow of the dress is added extra yellow fabrics. Her shoes are brown.


Merida is tomboyish, and her favorite hobby is archery. Nearly an expert at this, she wishes that she could always do this. But she has too many responsibilities as a princess. Merida once did not want her mother to always make her be perfect, so she gets a potion from a witch, which eventually turned her mother into a bear. Merida realizes that she was selfish, and now does not dread too much of her responsibilities. When she was little, she was very playful and hides from her mother sometimes.

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  • The name "Merida" is of Latin origin and means "one who has achieved a high place of honor".
  • Merida has a Scottish accent.
  • She is the first Disney - Pixar princess.
  • Mérida has her own Temple Run game called "Brave".
  • She is the first Disney Princess who does not have a happy ending of "living happily ever after" with any princes.
  • She is the first Disney Princess who does not have a love interest.
  • Merida's web personalities are independent, brave.

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