Gothel is the main antagonist in Tangled. She kidnapped baby Rapunzel to get the magical power of Rapunzel's golden hair. Its magic can make people young but when the hair is cut, it will lose its power. So instead, she had to kidnap baby Rapunzel to make herself young.


Gothel has curly black hair, which is shoulder-length. She has fair skin and red lips. She wears a maroon dress with long, loose sleeves and black shoes.


She is a loving mother even though Rapunzel is her adopted daughter. Not just she wants the magical golden hair to make herself young, she really treats Rapunzel as her own daughter.



Mother Gothel with the flower
In the series, she uses the magical flower from the sun drops to heal herself and make herself younger. But when the flower was taken away to heal the ill Primrose. The great power was bestowed to the queen's baby's hair. So, she kidnapped baby Rapunzel because she can't cut the hair or else the hair will lose its powers forever. She raised Rapunzel until she was older. She raised her with love but she lied a lot to her about the danger outside the tower as an excuse making Rapunzel afraid so that she don't dare to go outside.


  • The name "Gothel" is of German origin and means "godmother".
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