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Gliss is a Frost-talent fairy from the Winter Woods, introduced in the Secret of the Wings. She is a good friend of Periwinkle.


She has a rough hairstyle with a cool blue hair colour. She has gray eyes and pink lips. She wears gray leaf shaped clothes.


Gliss is an energetic, welcoming, active and enthusiastic fairy. She is either oblivious, or ignorant to the fact that fairies living in the warm regions of Pixie Hollow, are not allowed to enter the Winter Woods, as seen when she happily invites Tinker Bell in.


When she saw Peri's twin sister, Tinker Bell, she was welcoming to her and suggested for them to go ice sledding. After then, she along with her friends helped bring a large ice block as Peri asked them. At the end, she and the others have a fun time skating.


  • She is of Icelandic descent.
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