Eugene Fitzherbert is a fictional character in the movie, Tangled and is Rapunzel's love interest. He is inspired by the original character created by Grimms Brother in the fairy tale.


He has dark brown hair and green eyes. He has a beard and is quite good looking man.


In the first time, he is shown as being a bad person as he stole the sachel from the palace. He even became greedy when he try to take the sachel away by his two other friends as he wants the benefits by himself. He is a optimist, when he saw his "WANTED" poster, he cares more about his nose than being arrested. Other than that, he likes to joke, even though he actually didn't realize it. Beside that, he's a flirt guy as he he try to seduce Rapunzel the first time he saw her and was amazed by her beauty.



Flynn Rider

Eugene with Rapunzel

In the movie, he introduces himself as Flynn Rider, but reveal his true name in the end to Rapunzel. He stole the kingdom sachel which belongs Rapunzel. When he is chased by the horse Maximus, he arrives at Rapunzel's hidden tower which is placed very far beyond the woods. Curious, he climbed up and reach the top window of the tower. But, Rapunzel who is very afraid of trolls and thought he was one, hit his head and kept him in her cupboard. Then, she is tied by Rapunzel and was asked to tell the truth. While he was trying to answer. Rapunzel's pet Pascal disturbed him by his two tiny fingers and by his tongue. Then, he brought Rapunzel down the tower for her to explore the beautiful worlds as he was asked to bring her to see the beautiful lanterns. But, he can't get the sachel back unless he took her there. When Rapunzel is hungry, he brought her to a place full of trolls but a nice one who have their wishes to come true. But then, the palace guards came to arrest him, he ran away along with Rapunzel. 

Tangled Ever After

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  • The name "Eugene" is of Greek origin and means "well-born", "noble".
  • He is the first hero who was once part of a bad crowd.
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