Eudora is a fictional female character created by Walt Disney. She is Tiana's mother and a widow of James, she lived in New Orleans. She also work as a seamstress and for her loyal customer Big Daddy Labouf. She sews Charlotte's fashion line.


Eudora has the same skin tone with her daughter, which is dark. Her lipstick is bright red in colour. Her hair is burnish in colour. However, when grows older her hair turns grey. Her hair is a bit curly compare to her daughter, Tiana. She always wear brown blouses along with her jacket which is also brown. Her eyes are reddish brown in colour.


Eudora is a kind and sweet person. She never fights with anyone in New Orleans. She made a lot of dress for Charlotte and she never scold Tiana when she was young. Besides, she always take good care of her late husband. However, she is also friendly, she made friend easily around her neighborhood when Tia gumbo is ready. She celebrated her guest friendly. Big Daddy Labouf who is the upcoming king of Mardi Gras is also one of her best friend.


  • The name "Eudora" is of Greek origin, it means "good gift".