Charlotte is a fictional character and a minor princess in The Princess and the Frog. She is Tiana's childhood friend and the daughter of Big Daddy.


She has long blond hair, which is often worn in a fancy bun. She has a mole on her right cheek and she has a fancy eyelashes. Her lips are always in reddish color as she always wears make up. She uses purple eye-shadow on her eyes. Her blush is pinkish.

Princess gown

She wore a beautiful pink sparkling gown along with her blue tiara.

Wedding gown

When she is about to get married, she wears a white veil gown.


She is shown as being a spoiled princess as she get what she wants in her life. She is also shown and revealed of wishing to marry a prince and relying on mythical living things like the evening stars. But, she's also a quite arrogant princess as she don't want to dance with any man except the prince. However, she is also very kind as she is shown caring and loves the poor folks like her best and childhood friend Tiana.


The Princess and the Frog

In the beginning of the movie, she is shown excitedly with Tiana while Eudora is telling them the story of "The Frog Prince". She heard that story many times but she never got bored. She explained to Tiana that her favourite part of the story is when the frog turns into handsome prince.

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  • The name "Charlotte" is of Old German origin and means "free man".
  • Her voice actress, Jennifer Cody, also voices Darcy in Winx Club. One interesting point is they have opposite personalities: Charlotte is bright, kind and caring, while Darcy is gloomy, evil and cold-shouldered.
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