Brave is the latest Disney movie, featuring Princess Mérida.


At first, a little Mérida is playing with her mother, when her father comes and gives her a bow. Mérida tries it
Little Merida

Little Merida.

immediately, and misses the target. She goes into the forest to retrieve the arrow, and finds a wisp, a magical myth. Mérida tells her mother about it, and she says that the wisps will lead us to our fate.

But then, a huge bear attacks. Fergus defeats it, but needed to have a wooden leg.

Now, Mérida is the princess, and absolutely dreads all her responsibilities. Mérida is also now the sister of three mischievous triplets, Hurbet, Hamish and Harris.

One day, at the dinner table, Mérida gets told that she would soon be married to one from three people. Mérida did not want to do so, and goes into her room, were she is hitting her bed with a sword. The next day, the three clans arrive, and Mérida wants to choose archery to see who would marry her. 2 of them loose, but one of them just accidentally hits the target. But Mérida shoots for her own hands and her mother was not very happy.

After an argument, in which Mérida had sliced her mothers needlework which showed the family, and Elinor burning Mérida's bow, Mérida runs away.

More coming soon...


More coming soon...


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