Big Daddy Labouff

Big daddy

Voiced by
John Goodman
Charlotte (daughter)

Big Daddy is a fictional character created by Walt Disney Pictures and is Charlotte's father. He is featured in The Princess and the Frog. He is the future king of Mardi Gras and is friends to Tiana's parents.


Bid Daddy wears a coat that shows him as a very succesful man. His hair color is golden brown. He has a moustache and has a big stomach. His eye color is light green.


Bid Daddy is a responsible person in every situation. He is also a spoiler to his daughter Charlotte. He spoiled his daughter a lot until his daughter become a spoiled lady. He is kind and humble. Even thought he comes from a rich family, he didn't feel embarased to be friends with the poor. He is also shown angry when his party is ruined by Tiana and Naveen when they were in their frog form. We can conclude that he wants everything went on precisely.

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