Be True is a featured song in Tinker Bell. It was performed by Jonatha Brooke.


What a world, just look close
At the poetry and magic that is part of who we are
It's been there all along, you can find it in
The beauty of the song inside our hearts
And it's been here, forever
In the glow of each day's sunshine
As it warms our every heart
Be true, true to yourself and you'll be magic
Be kind, believe in others
help and you'll make magic
Nothing's worse than going it alone
When you know deep in your heart
The whole is so much greater
Than the sum of its parts
Be true, be kind believe, and you'll be fine
Be true, there's time, believe and you will find
The wonder's all around you
And every day a million other
Ways to make the magic that you wanna see
Just be true and believe'
What a world, now you know
There is comfort in love
That lights the darkness as we go
It's been there all along
In the laughter that will lead us
To the purpose in our souls
And it's been here forever
And there's nothing to be lost
When love's the future that we hold
Be true, be kind,
Believe and you'll be fine
Be true, there's time
Believe and you will find
The wonder's all around you
And every day a million other
Ways to make the magic
That you want to see
Just be true and believe
Be true, true to yourself
And you'll be magic

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